About Us

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Where we started

Wisconsin Farm to Table was spawned as an idea to bring consumers and modern agriculture to the dinner table to share something we all enjoy: food. Everyone eats, but many are several generations removed from the farming livelihood, including the land and animals that produce the very ingredients in our family dinner every night. A one-night experience on a modern Wisconsin production farm comprising local food ingredients from masters of their farming trade, all carefully curated and harmonized into a delectable meal, seemed like the perfect stage for teaching and learning where food comes from. And so Wisconsin Farm to Table was born.

One evening, many lessons

Each year, the Wisconsin Farm to Table organization orchestrates the aforementioned dinner event on a farm while focusing on the farmers behind the food, and good conversation. The event incorporates a reception highlighting Wisconsin cheeses, beers, and wines, a tour of the hosting farm’s facilities with animals or crops, and a five-course meal. The meal portion features delectable creations from the innovative Chef Chanse, with guest chef contributions when possible. Each dinner course is complemented by a short presentation from the farmer(s) contributing ingredients to that course – guiding attendees through the management and stewardship practices their farms utilize. The dinner events are hosted at farms within a radius around Madison, Wis., the foodie-capitol of Wisconsin, with proceeds donated to a non-profit organization of the host farm’s choice.

The end game

Wisconsin’s agriculture, and the food that comes from it, is incredibly diverse. The Wisconsin Farm to Table organization focuses on showcasing the locality and diversity of Wisconsin farms, and their food products, to those seeking to know more about their food origins through a memorable and positive on-farm experience. Educating about the animal, land, and environmental stewardship of the farmers who supply grocery shelves with safe and pure food products every day is a key driver of these efforts. We ultimately strive to foster a relationship and open communication between consumers and farmers. And in doing so, we hope that those attending our events leave with greater knowledge about their food, a better connection to their food producers, and a more open line of communication for questions and further learning.

Farmers looking to host

Wisconsin Farm to Table is regularly seeking farm hosts for future events. Interested farmers can contact Kari Blazei at (262) 203-4016 or e-mail wifarmtotable@gmail.com.

Those seeking to attend can purchase tickets here.