The Farm

IMG_8533 (2)2017 Dinner Hosts: Voegeli Farm, Monticello, Wis.

Located at N7190 State Road 69, Monticello, Wis., the Voegeli Farm is home to a long lineage of Brown Swiss dairy cattle. Bryan Voegeli, his brother Jimmy, mother Alice, children Brienna and Christopher, and the farm’s great staff are all involved in this sixth-generation dairy farm that was homesteaded in 1854. In 1895, the first Brown Swiss cows to set foot on the farm were purchased by Voegeli’s great-grandfather. This dairy breed has flourished on the farm’s rolling hills ever since – thanks in part to Voegeli’s father, Howard’s, legacy. Now composed of just over 1,000 acres with 220 Swiss cows in the milking herd, the Voegeli Farm still carries symbols of the region’s Swiss heritage while supplying milk for both award-winning cheese and most recently a new swiss-style yogurt from Yodelay Yogurt.

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