The Farm


Mighty Grand Dairy Farm in Union Grove, WI

Mighty Grand Dairy was formed in 1997 when three neighboring dairy farm families decided to join their assets together. The three neighbors included Myron Daniels, Gene Weis and Dave Daniels. In 1997, they had 300 cows and grew the land base to 700 acres. Today, they farm around 1,000 acres to grow feed for 560 dairy cows and 500 youngstock. Gene has since retired from the operation, and Dave and Kim Daniels remain active along with Myron and Doreen Daniels, their son, Chad, and their nephew Nick and his wife Stephanie Abel, who are the sixth generation on the farm. With an eye on the future and a drive to be more sustainable, Mighty Grand Dairy installed solar panels on the farm in January of 2021, which is able to provide nearly 80% of the farm’s energy needs.

One thought on “The Farm

    Carroll Bartkus....Lynn said:
    September 2, 2021 at 8:26 pm

    Can’t wait till Sept 18th!!!!!!


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