Our Chef

The evening’s creations will be prepared and presented by Chef Chanse. From humble beginnings of washing dishes at the age of 15, he quickly climbed the ladder and became executive chef at the Central House in Chilton at the age of 23 years old and only after three months, he purchased the Central House. Four years later, he embarked on a new venture when he opened a banquet hall at the Juneau Community Center, which he has owned for 12 years. He then became a Corporate Executive Chef for three years, and then returned to the Community Center where his creativity as a chef continues to thrive. Chanse enjoys teaching at cooking schools and is a very experienced watermelon sculpter as he has carved over 1,800 unique watermelon sculptures! Not only does he love food, but he loves the variety of people that food has led him to in his career.


Special Thanks to Chef Tyler

Wisconsin Farm to Table began in 2014, and someone who helped bring our event to life was Chef Tyler Sailsbery. An artist in his own right, Chef Tyler has been dedicated to the Wisconsin Farm to Table organization and its volunteers for nearly a decade. The unique pairings of flavors and taste experiences he has brought to Farm to Table guests is unlike any other, and he has helped shape who we are today. While Chef Tyler is no longer preparing meals at the Black Sheep Restaurant in Whitewater, Wis., we are grateful for all that he’s done to help share the story of Wisconsin agriculture.

Chef Tyler

Chef Tyler Sailsbery